HCG EZ Drops Review

HCG EZ Drops is an all natural homeopathic HCG drops that you can take easily while at home.  You don’t have to deal with injections, and this product is ideal for dieters seeking to drop ten to forty pounds in a few months time.

Types of Product Available

HCG EZ drops are offered as three different plans.  You can get three bottles of the drops for $137.00 and you get a forth bottle at no cost to you.  You can buy two bottles of the product for $97.00 or you can buy one bottle for $59.00.  Clearly there are savings derived when you choose to buy the product in bulk.  Since this product does not have to be stored in a refrigerator, you will find that it is easy to store anywhere.


When you buy HCG EZ drops you get a complete dieting kit.  The products come with an eBook offering you access to super low calorie HCG recipes and you are also supplied with Dr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches e-book.  Your purchase comes with access to a membership area too, where you can get free recipes, advice on HCG dieting protocol, and you can pose questions about the HCG product.

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HCG EZ drops can take a few days to ship, so you may have to order them in advance to ensure you have the right supply on hand when you need it.

You may have to take 15 drops two to three times a day in order to achieve a maximum effect; this means that you will use your supply quickly.

While there are no major side effects associated with the use of HCG EZ drops, you may have a headache for the first few days on the HCG diet; this can be due to insufficient water intake, a reduction in the consumption of sugar and caffeinated foods or beverages, and the ultra low calorie diet.  You will want to increase how much water you consume while using this product.


When you buy HCG EZ Drops online you are buying from a seller that uses Authorized.net seller methods; this means that you are offered encrypted methods for making your online purchase securely.  The maker of this product is Good Manufacturer Practice certified and maintains high standards in terms of product quality.

The product creator also adhere to the guidelines set forth by the FDA; this product is made in a facility that is FDA approved.  This product is offered with a full money back guarantee; if you return the bottle to the seller they will refund you your money without asking any questions.


HCG EZ Drops are offered with a number of desirable customer perks.  First, if you reside within the boundaries of the United States, you can benefit from getting free shipping on any order.  You are also supplied with access to a member’s area with a free subscription on any order of the drops that you place.

What’s more, the company selling HCG EZ Drops sometimes have holiday specials where you can get a free order for every purchase that you make.

Finally, the drops are offered with a free weight tracker and an easy to use fast start guide too.

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