How to Take HCG Drops?

Dieters that are new to Homeopathic HCG drops may wonder how to take HCG drops. These drops are super easy to use. The dieter will, first and foremost, want to follow any of the instructions offered on the product’s packaging. Strict adherence to the product’s use will ensure greater effectiveness.

When it comes to learning how to take HCG drops, the dieter will have to understand how the dosage is measured. Since this product is delivered in drops underneath the tongue, you will need to use the right amount of drops in order for the product to work. So, how is the right amount determined? When it comes to measuring a drop, the temperature of the liquid and the type of liquid effects the measurement. Typically, the average dosage assigned is .5 cc up to three times every day. This means the dieter is using a total of 1.5 cc throughout the day. In general, the latter amount equates to roughly 45 drops daily. Not all drops are assigned this amount in terms of dosage however; this is why reading the packaging information is crucial. Some drops contain the hormone, purified water, and other added ingredients which will greatly affect one’s appropriate dosage. Instructions can range from using twenty to forty or more drops every day.

HCG diet beginners may think the more HCG they take daily, the more weight loss they will achieve. The truth is that too much HCG can actually prove harmful to the dieter. When you are first learning how to take HCG drops, make sure that you are not instructed to take more than sixty drops in a day. The latter amount is too excessive and it can lead to baneful, unwanted side effects.

Effective HCG dosages have been strictly defined by quality manufacturers and legitimate companies selling pure HCG products. These companies are not focusing on selling more product to you than you need, but they possess the sole aim of selling quality products that you can use with safety. You are encouraged to try lower dosages than a product might first describe to see if you can gain the benefits of the product through minimal use too.

When it comes to how to take HCG drops, you must also remember that these drops should be administered at the same time every day. This will ensure that you do not miss doses and that you don’t forget to take the right amount. Usually dieters will take the drops before or just after having a meal.